Lina Small Vase Smokey

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Reijmyre Glassworks, dating from 1810, is located in the middle of Kolmården, Sweden's deep forests that once supplied the glassworks furnices with fuel. Reijmyre manufactures everything by hand the same way as when the glassworks was founded in 1810. This Lina vase is created by famed Swedish architect Thomas Sandell. In his design, desire and curiosity are a constant driving force, and his assurance of form combined with high craftsmanship and a thorough executed idea has become his hallmark.

  • Handblown.
  • Several craftsmen are involved in the process of making the Lina vase, steps that place high demand on both time and precision.
  • Blow-molded in a solid graphite form with a cracked edge that gives a clean and precise finish. 
  • Manufactured in energy-efficient electric ovens in Reijmyre.
  • Machine washable but hand wash is gentler and recommended.
  • 2.95" H x 2.75" W