Earl of East Incense Cones

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These incense cones are made from macco powder mixed with spring water. The paste is hand shaped into cones. Light the tip of the incense cone with a flame until it catches, then blow out. Place upright using a heatproof incense holder.

  • Elementary - Leather, tobacco leaf, amber.
  • Greenhouse - Vine tomato, parsley seed, basil.
  • Jardin de la Lune - Tuberose, blackberry leaf, bergamot, cade.
  • Smoke & Musk - Green balsam fir, wood smoke, musky patchouli.
  • Strand - Mandarin rind, seaweed, birch wood, bay leaf.
  • Viagem - Sweet coconut, oregano, fig leaf.
  • Hand dipped scented incense.
  • Tin contains 16 cones.
  • Each cone burns for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Recyclable tin packaging.