Catching Up With Allview's Mondo Marron

To celebrate Father’s Day, we caught up with one of our favorite menswear brand’s owners, Mondo Marron. He is the founder of Allview, which Good Together House proudly carries, but more than that, Mondo is a designer, a husband, a father, a boating aficionado and human all-terrain vehicle.

What is your day-to-day like at Allview and what inspired you to create the brand?
My day-to-day is whatever is happening that day! Sales, photo shoots, design, production, financial planning.

Even though I’ve  always worked in design for myself or other brands, Allview is pure desire and passion to make apparel that suits the needs and style of today men. A classic California vibe—we still get dirt under our fingernails and sweat in our eyes.

As someone who owns and operates an apparel brand like Allview, explain how essential design is and your/Allview’s design philosophy.
My philosophy on design is that I always think about aesthetics and the timing of use. I always imagine what things look like finished whether its clothes, homes, motorcycles, watches, boats—everything matters.

Talk about having Allview in a shop like Good Together House, that is female owned and operated and with a selection of product and vendors primarily tailored towards women?
I love being in GTH! It’s a pleasant little surprise to the people who shop there—especially being in my hometown. My wife Dana and Kristin (store owners) and all the amazing women who work there make it special and help Allview.


What do you love about living in Laguna Beach?
I grew up in San Diego so, to me, Laguna Beach is everything great about Southern California living put together in a small package.

I hear you are a big fan of your boat …
I love the ocean, period. Boating makes me happy to be out there and close to the ocean.

You are clearly an active and outdoorsy type of guy … motocross with your son Max, surfing, training, etc. What do you love about these things? How do they influence Allview?
I think for me Allview defines my active lifestyle. I grew up in the action sports industry and was head of design for companies like DC Shoes, Paul Frank, Fox Racing, Alpine Stars and Troy Lee Designs. It’s innate—one and the same for me. The lines are always blurred!

Describe the ideal Father’s Day.
Father’s Day is being with my son and my wife—but I finally get to choose what we are doing! Oysters, clams, seafood all day! Maybe a few drinks.

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