Catching Up with Interior Designer Kelly Nutt

In honor of Mother’s Day, Good Together House is excited to share some of the brilliant and lovely women whom we are fortunate enough to call friends.

Starting off with the incredibly talented Kelly Nutt of Kelly Nutt Design in Corona del Mar. Kelly and her daughter, Caroline, were gracious enough to sit down and answer a few of our many questions on just how these two creatives make it all happen.

Kelly, as someone tasked with making magic out of blank spaces, what does a, “Dream Home” mean to you?

A dream home to me feels established and can stand the test of time. The most important things are the fine details and collected treasures which bring life into the space. When a home tells a story and represents the family, that’s truly the perfect, “dream.”

And how does your design process work?

The process begins with conceptual designs, collaborating closely with the architect to present to the client. Once approved, we proceed with developing elevations and floor plans. We then incorporate various elements such as hard surfaces, plumbing/appliances, lighting, hardware, furniture, fabrics, and finally, accessories to add layers of beauty to the ultimate design.

Is it challenging to combine beauty and function?

Once we learn more about how the individual likes to live, it becomes easier to combine beauty and function to exist simultaneously. 

And how do you know when a space is, “done”?

Being that I love a collected home, I feel that a space is never completely “done” as beautiful items are continuously collected over the years and layered in.

The closeness with your children is evident, particularly noting your daughter, Caroline, a talented baker with her own successful business, is also working with you. How has that been?

We would have never thought we would’ve gotten the chance to work together. Being a working mom, I always felt that I missed out on a lot, now we get to sit 3 feet apart, everyday. Working alongside her is the greatest gift. She brings such light into the business and I love to watch both her and my son continue to grow and step into every new chapter of life.

How did that come to pass?

Being remote during the last part of school, and wanting to be in an office, the timing worked perfectly. Caroline began with helping me out on installs here and there, next thing we knew, she was with me 5 days a week!

Caroline, tell us something you loved in your home as a child?

My mom had a true appreciation for family time. From setting the table to gathering around, she always made time spent together at home, the most special. She also always let me be a part of creating my personal space and rearranging my room however I liked.

Kelly, what’s the best piece of advice you have passed on to your children

The best advice I have ever received was to take it slow and steady when building my business. As well as, always making time for my family and friends, creating that perfect balance between caring for clients and being present for my loved ones.

As Mother’s Day approaches, tell us how you will be spending the day?

This Mother’s Day we will spend the day going to Church, brunch and then a fun hike all together.

Kelly, Caroline, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to give us a little peek behind the scenes and thanks so much for your support over the years!

See more from Kelly on her Instagram and website!

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